The Induction

So after a few days of doing nothing, I was finally called into the new company’s outsourced partner with whom I was supposed to sign up. I reached there at the appointed time of 9 am and saw many familiar faces! These were guys who, like me, were fed up of the old company and had either left before me or around the same time as me. There were 28 other people there joining up and that was a shock to me! I am joining up a huge project, a BPO that has got tremendous clout and money to boot and it has got major ambitions.

So we started off and they had a huge presentation video that gives viewers the scope and reach of this particular organization. Then we discussed it for a while. We were given huge presentations about the start of the company, what all projects they have done and how much they have grown. They have offices in the US, the UK, Argentina & the Philippines (under development) and ofcourse the office in my city. I was impressed by that. Me and another guy had to go for a bit to complete out formalities, since I had to break my contract with the previous BPO and were meeting the management here for the first time. I spoke my bit and was confirmed.

We went back, had a delicious lunch and continued the various slides, they had the HR formalities done, the various do’s and don’ts outlined etc etc. And oh, I have two Tibetan brothers as colleagues now and they were fun to get to know. I will be one of the trainers there. We also had to speak for about ourselves or on a topic that the operations team chose and man, let me tell you that there were some duds. I thinked I aced my topic cause they were impressed and they said so. So yah!

On the female side of things, sorry to tell you that there is so little to mention. There is one cutie in the group and one in the HR (but I later learnt that she is from their Bangalore office and hence we may not see her for quite a while, shucks). Otherwise I am happy about things, although this is not what I was originally promised. I am a bit pissed off about that but I really need this job. So I will bide my time.

Me and the other guy (one of the Tibetan brothers) had some more formalities to complete (a stupid aptitude test that made no sense to me) and some more forms to fill. I am surprised at the number of sheets that I signed & number of times I filled my details. So I got to leave for home only around 10:30 and I am so exhausted!

Song for the day – “Dough Flutie” – MOXY FRUVOUS

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