The Inevitable Split

It’s finally here. There’s no more escaping it. I got a call today around noon, informing me that I will have to move two of my 3 senior trainers in my team to another department. This is because of their seniority and grade – corporate stuff that deems them to be too expensive to remain as part of the training team. The reasons are beyond me and I’ve been lucky so far – I was told of this movement well over a year ago, when I first took over as being in charge of this team but I have managed to postpone it by sheer luck and some help.

But I think my luck has run out; an official mail has been sent by the DGM of training in Bangalore, to whom I report to, and addressed to the center head in the center where I work. This movement is inevitable and it’s time has come. I do not think that I can change it or halt it for much longer. And I know that they wouldn’t want to move to the department that they are headed to but I think there are no options left.

I hate this – you would have to work here to know why my trainers would not want to transfer to that department. And I know that we’ll still be in the same office (it’s only 3 storeys high) and we can still have most of our lunches together and chat over coffee as often as we can. But it won’t be the same. I can’t believe that we won’t be one team and have fun together.

But I guess that is life in a corporate setting. It’s not something that I can control and I do not care much for it but I’m stuck with it irrespective of whether I like it or not.

2 thoughts on “The Inevitable Split

  1. As a consultant I’ve been to over 10 clients working with as many teams with which I’ve had to part every time a new contract shows up. For me it’s part of life. Some are still friends, others are not. I think life goes on.

  2. I’ve been with this team for almost 2.5 years out of which 3 members have been with me for 1 1/2. I’ve been managing it for a year. It’s hard to let go.

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