The Lines On My Palm

You’re on a long flight, and a palm reader sitting next to you insists she reads your palm. You hesitate, but agree. What does she tell you?

Well I was just sitting there in my comfy seat in first class, with a book in one hand and a soft drink in the other. We were flying over the Pacific Ocean and I was actually looking forward to the 8 hour long flight as I could relax, read and even take a long nap if I so wanted to. What I didn’t expect though was that the lady sitting next to wanted to chat and boy did she have some interesting things to say.

She smiled at me with those eyes that have seen way too much for her to ever write down and her age showed even with that twinkle in her eyes. She must have been somewhere between 60-65 and aging nicely with that grey-black hair and she was dressed stylishly in black and wore a perfume that evoke grandeur of a time gone by. She asked my name and where I was from and I politely answered and played the part of a decent gentleman who was too well behaved to be rude to a lady who wanted a bit of a conversation even though I wanted nothing more than to sit back and read my book.

Then she suddenly stopped talking mid-sentence and stared deep into my eyes and grabbed my right hand and asked me if she could read my palm. I was taken aback, not expecting that, but said “sure” and bemused watched as she proceeded to read my palm and drawn lines on it using her thin and sharp nails. Her eyebrows knitted together and deep furrows appeared on her forehead. She read something that scared her and frightened her, it seems. What was it, what was it that had her so worried? She must have been reading my palm silently for what seemed liked forever but was actually not more than 10 minutes when she started gasping for air. I got worried and tried to get the attention of a passing stewardess. The lady clutched at her chest, gasped and seemed to stop breathing and then tried to stand up but fell on the floor.

Everyone who saw it cried out in shock at this scene and the stewardesses were at her side and gave her mouth to mouth and splashed water on her face. After a few minutes the lady seemed to breath normally again but she was still in shock and as they helped her up she saw my face again, my concerned face and she pointed at me while still sitting on the floor and as everyone turned to look in my direction, half standing and half sitting in my seat, she started yelling…..


Oh boy, how am I gonna get outta this one!

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