The Long Way Home – Terri Clark

The Long Way Home is country superstar Terri Clark’s seventh studio album. The album was released on September 1, 2009 in Canada and through digital retailers in United States and will be released to other US retailers on October 20. It has hit the #3 spot on the Canadian country charts and #16 on the album charts in that country.

She starts us off rocking with the rolling first single Gypsy Boots, which is more rockn’roll than country but who’s complaining? A balls to the walls number about taking what life gives ya and sticking to your guns, Terri is in fine vocal form here. If You Want Fire is, as Terri explains, is as close as she gets to a Tom Petty number. Lyrically is about what true love is worth and if you want to have it, you have to fight for it.

Dealing with uncomfortable emotions, thoughts & feelings, A Million Ways To Run was written while she was on vacation in Hawaii. Clark also gets help from her mother on this track. What Happens In Vegas (Follows You Home) is a true story (not sure about whom) about finding unexpected true love in the sin city of Las Vegas. Merry Go Round is a coming of age song and about finding out what are the things that really matter in life. It’s about slowing down and appreciating what you have.

An older song The One You Love, gave Terri more meaning after her mom’s 3 year battle with cancer. Lyrically the song is being unable to save the one you love from a disease or an alcohol abuse as is the case in here. Vince Gill does backup vocals on this track. Poor Girl’s Dream is about struggling with the simple things because you don’t have the cash. It also features a mean acoustic slide guitar and should definetly be a single. If I Could Be You is about wanting to do just about anything to help a loved one.

Tough With Me is about being able to let go and open up to your lover. It’s about having a shoulder to lean on and that’s it’s ok to be vunerable. You Tell Me is a duet with Johnny Reid, a love song about a couple unsure about their future. And finally the album closes with an acoustic rendition of Gypsy Boots. All great songs from one sexy talented woman. Here’s the video for the first single.

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