The Most Wonderful Day I Can Remember

If you could live one day over again, what day would it be?

That is a hard one. While I have had several really good or awesome days in my life I can’t really pinpoint one single perfect day that I could live over again. Unless it is to change something. If it is just to relive that day over again, I am not sure.

One of the days I would want to live over again would be roughly around October 15th (or maybe 16th) 1994. That was the day I went with my cousin to go select a puppy that this breeder family had from their female dog. I knew I wanted either a Golden Retriever or a Labrador. These were the two breed that I kinda had selected. I had seen the ads in the papers about the liter of goldens that were for sale by this family that were know for being really good breeders. They had two left and I selected the girl pup as she was more playful.

I would like to have that experience again. Fall in love with a being, a sweet and innocent pup, who stole my heart at first meeting. Bringing her home was one of the most wonderful days I have ever had. 

Prompt from Lalilo February ’22 Writing Prompt Calendar at Lalilo

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