The Nestasia 1.2 Litre Stainless Steel Tumbler With Handle Straw & Lid

So you know about the Stanley tumbler craze. I even wrote a post about it a few days ago and well it seems that I have fallen trap to it as well. Well, sort off. So the Stanley Tumbler is available in India via but for huge sums of money. I found a few of them here for the prices anywhere between Rs.8,000 to 16,000 and one even priced at Rs.19k.

Then I had a check on ebay UK to see if I could get one for a decent price even with the shipping to India. No go there as everything was expensive. So finally I checked on Amazon India and Flipkart to see if there were similar styled tumblers with a 1 litre capacity that were made by Indian companies that I could use. I searched and settled on two brands – House of Quirk and Nestasia!

House of Quirk looks good but I found Nestasia’s designed and over all look much better. They come in 4 colours – black (which I almost picked but it;s too common), Pink (which I would not be caught dead with), Mint (which is written as green on Amazon) and Lavender (which is written as purple on the Amazon website) which what I selected I as thinking about the Mint Green one but did select Lavender instead for some reason. I do love it no that I have it with me.

The Nestasia 1.2L Tumbler with Handle Straw & Lid is an Insulated Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottle which is a Leak Proof Mug for Office, Gym, Traveling. It’s a casual non-slip, break resistant, scratch resistant an it claims that it will keep hot drinks hot for 6 hours or cold drinks cold for 6 hours. I like it so far.

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