The New Roosters In Town

Back in May of this year I had written a post about the various KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken and not Kerala Financial Corporation) style restaurants that had mushroomed around the city of Cochin. Let’s see so other than KFC we have Chick King, which is big established brand in the UAE, a local product called Chicknik, which seems to be a one off restaurant and then Chicken Chicago based out of Qatar. They all seem to share one thing in common – the style of that fried chicken and similar taste. And except for Chick King, all favour the red colour for their logos, boards and stuff.

This morning along with the newspaper there was a large foldable poster ad announcing the latest in this never ending (or so it seems) race to come out with southern fried chicken outlets – Roosters (there appears to be more than one international hotel chain with the same name but this one is unique! Their outlet is located near the High court (which is where my favourite bar is, so that will be convenient) and just near to the busy Marine drive area so I expect that they will find plenty of hungry customers just waiting to taste their wares. Menu wise, it’s pretty much the same with the chicken we love so much, burgers, french fries, chicken strips, chicken lollipops, combo meals, veg burgers and ofcourse the colas.

I don’t think that they have any other outlets in the city or state. But best thing is they deliver, unlike some of the other outlets! Plus they are close to me! It might be a while before I actually order from them but I wish them well. And hey, if they read this plus I might be something free!! Yeah, wishful thinking.

3 thoughts on “The New Roosters In Town

  1. People love their southern fried chicken. I make a dish which everyone loves. A blogger I know from Georgia gave me the recipe. It is very yummeeeee. Mmmmmmm.

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