The Night I had Bhumika Puri In My Room

Oh how I wish that it happened as it sounds when you read this post. I know some of you must be thinking of the sleaziest things in your mind the second you read the title. Yeah, I mean you! Snap out of it. And some of you might be wondering, her and you? Come’on Rosh! Well here is the story, which is no way as interesting as the title.

Ms.Puri is an Indian model and sometime actress. Having seen her in print & in tv ads I had developed quite a crush for the lovely Bhumika. There was this print ad for some tampon that featured her and they were postered on some pharmaceutical stores, shops and supermarkets in Calicut, where I was working at the time. I always used to ogle at the posters when I passed by them.

Well one evening me & the guys from work got high and drunk in the lodge that a couple of us were staying at. Later we went out to get some food. On the way, we passed a closed store that had the same poster stuck on the outside glass window. Well, while my buddies decided to ‘gift’ it to me and when I was not watching, the took the poster from the window, only tearing off a corner or two and when I wasn’t looking, they pasted it on the wall opposite my bed. That night, I didn’t notice it, as I came into my room, still quite drunk and the lights were off, but the next morning, imagine my shock as I opened my eyes only to stare into her gorgeous face. It took me a bit to understand as to how that poster got there and the others had a laugh at my expense.

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