The Odd Trio

Today, you can write about whatever you what — but your post must include, in whatever role you see fit, a cat, a bowl of soup, and a beach towel.

She woke up at the crack of dawn to clean the apartment from ceiling to floor and wall to wall. This was our first date and she wanted to create an impression and she told me over the phone last night that I was about to be blown away. She was planning a big 3 course meal with a big desert and possibly more! The ‘and possibly more’ dangled at the end of the conversation like the most tantalizing of delicious juice fruit from a tree. I was excited and couldn’t wait for the next evening to role by.

She finished cleaning the apartment and then fed the cat and then started dinner going but it was getting late. The food wasn’t getting cooked in time and she still had to take a shower. I was on my way and stopped to by a dozen roses, a bottle of expensive wine and a box of chocolates. And only a quick stop at a drug store to get a packet of condoms. You know, the “and possibly more” part! She had just stepped out of the shower and grabbed a large beach towel to check on the food when I reached the building. As she set the table and placed a bowl of soup on the table to check on the taste, I got into and rode the elevator to her floor. The cat however was giving her trouble and jumped on top of the table and knocked the bowl of soup onto the floor. At the same time, I rang the bell and opened the door as I saw that it wasn’t locked.

So all this happened at the same time and with the sudden ringing of the bell, the cat jumping onto the table and knocking the bowl of soup onto the floor which also splattered some of the hot soup onto her leg. She yelled in fright and her towel came off the knot and fell onto the floor as I stood there and gaped at her awesome nakedness. That was a sight to behold!

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