The Pox

In any office in India, and I suppose in most countries in the world, where you have a few hundred or more people working together, the spread of infectious diseases is always a major cause of concern. Other than colds & fever, one of most common concerns is chickenpox. In my office we have had our share of people getting sick & having to take leave due to the pox. Although non-fatal, the infected have to spend several uncomfortable days away from the public, until he / she recovers from it.

By my last, unofficial count, a 100 people have been infected by it in the last 14 months. 6 in the last couple of weeks. One guy had gone on a month’s leave for his exams and stuff  and had just came back for 10 days when he got hit by the virus. Another guy from the tech team also got the pox a few days later but he has had the worst of it, with marks on his face and arms still visible.

2 thoughts on “The Pox

  1. eeeeww! not only gross to get the pox as an adult, but it’s also much harder to live through and let’s not mention the scars… aren’t children vaccinated?

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