The Proper Weekend

This week and the next, we get a two day weekend off just like most of the civilized world! That’s right, I normally work 6 days a week, sometimes I work on a Sunday and take another day off. But usually its Monday-Saturday. But because of two national holidays – Moharam this week and Republic day on the 26th – we get two consecutive Saturdays off and a proper 2 day weekend.

Wow, what have I done to deserve this! I was used to a 5 day working week for a few months in Aysha Infotech and then for the first 4 months of my 7 months in AspinWall. Then I moved to my previous company and for two years it was great – 5 day work week and my choice of any two days off in the week. The whole of 2006 I slogged for 6 days a week (sometimes I had to wait for 9 or 10 days just to get a day off) and 2007 has been Sundays off. Now I get to enjoy a 2 day weekend for a little while. I hope I remember what it feels like!

So have a great weekend guys!

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