The Rains Have Arrived

It has been raining for the past 3 days over here. Finally after months of heat and humidity and dust and pollution in the streets of Cochin city, we finally get the long needed respite by way of rains. As I have stated before, it started getting quite warm by the end of January and by late February it is quite hot. March, April & May are usually the worst times as far as heat & humidity are concerned to be living in Kerala and this year has been terrible. Usually the monsoon season for Kerala starts in June (right in time for the first days of the school year) and goes on till the end of September, then we have a brief respite and it picks up again for a month or so. No fall or winter for us – just summer and monsoon!

Today has been actually a bit chilly. I did some dusting & cleaning in my room, long over due but then I’m lazy. Threw out a bunch of old office stuff – work diaries, product & process information of my old company & client’s stuff. Lots of dust. Cleaned up the dust on 10 novels and some cds & dvds. Spring cleaning can be good. Found this gem – a dvd of the Neil Young documentary Heart of Gold, which I bought in 2009 and never watched. Thought it was lost. It’s up for Sunday viewing. With the schedule power cut for 30 minutes at 7pm today, our area will have had a grand total of 9 power cuts for the day. Next year we will have a black arm band mourning day to commemorate this auspicious occasion. It seems that they had a major issue, when we called them up. No shit Sherlock – 6 power cuts from 9am – 1pm is definitely a major issue.

Ah, today is a day for lots of hot black coffee and soft buns that have tooti fruity in them. And fried fish!

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