The Stanley Cup Playoffs : Conference Finals 2024

So we are now down to 4. The Conference finals are upon us, starting tomorrow as the 4 finalists face off against their conference rivals. After last night’s game 7 win for the Edmonton Oilers, we now know who are the four finals that will face off for a right to play in the finals and contest for Lord Stanley’s Cup. Edmonton having won a tough series against the Western Conference leaders the Vancouver Canucks, having to had come back twice from trailing in the series will face off against the Dallas Stars. The Stars had it a bit more easier winning 4-2 against the Colorado Avalanche.

In the West the New York Rangers, who were the points leaders in the regular season, had it easier than anyone, resting since the 17th of May having seen off the Carolina Hurricane 4-2. A day later the Florida Panthers defeated the Boston Bruins 4-2 and will now face off each other in the conference finals. I think the Rangers are really strong and will be difficult to beat but I hope Edmonton wins the Cup.

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