The Vampire Lestat

Among the world’s most fascinating fictional characters, Lestat de Lioncourt holds an esteemed position in the world of goth & vampirism. Created by noted author Anne Rice, (and the second series in the Vampire Chronicles) The Vampire Lestat shows how a young Frenchman, son of a country marquis became the sophisticated child of the dark that we all know. Narrated by Lestat, the story unfolds from when he is honoured by the villagers for hunting & killing a pack of wolves and meeting his friend Nicolaus. The two run off to Paris to become an actor and a musician. Lestat is kidnapped by Magnus, an old vampire, and is ‘made’ into one. Magnus wanted to die but he also wanted an heir. Then Lestat turns his beloved & beautiful mother Gabrielle into a vampire and later his friend Nicolaus.

He helps create the Theatre Des Vampires, where a now derange Nicolaus lives until he kills himself. Gabrielle wishes to be alone and leaves after first asking him to join him. Lestat also searches out the vampire Marius, the existence of whom he learns from the teenage vampire Armand. Marius shows him “those who must be kept” – the mother & father of all vampires. The book ends on a cliffhanger, with Lestat having a brief reunion with Louis and the concert in San Francisco, setting up perfectly for the third in the series – Queen Of The Damned.

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