The Wanna-be Wanderer

Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit.

  1. Canada – for the longest time, Canada has been the place that I’ve always wanted to not just visit but live in. I love their cities, towns and countrysides. The people and the places and the beauty, I wanna eat maple syrup on ice, poutine and drink Canadian beer while watching my fav Canadian bands.
  2. England -England has been a big draw for me. Mainly because of English Premier League football, Wimbledon and English pubs. I wanna eat fish n chips at a local place and drink pint after pint at a pub.
  3. Sweden – Big draw for me since the late 1980s. I wanna live in Stockholm or Malmo and drink beer with the descendants of Vikings. I also love, love, love Swedish women and I hear that they are really friendly too!
  4. USA – parts of the country. Like Seattle or San Francisco or Portland or New York or Chicago. Some places are amazing and I want to visit the towns and eat their glorious food and drink their awesome drinks.
  5. Holland – Lovely cities and towns, smoke hash and drink beer. Go to the sports stadiums and enjoy the scenery of the amazing country that is Holland.

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