The Weather’s Effect on My Mood

Although I am one of those people who would like to deny it, the weather does influence my mood and most people that I know. When it gets too hot & sweltering over here people tend to get angrier more easily and are usually in a grumpy mood most of the time. Me too. We tend to want to stay indoors and in air-conditioned places for as much as possible. I’m like that and when on my way home I will also want to have a cold shake like a Sharjah or a cold coffee. My home is quite hot as I live on the 7th floor of a 7 floor building – above my ceiling is just the terrace and it tends to make things rather hot for us.

When it rains a lot, I get nostalgic and romantic. I love the rains as long it doesn’t cause power cuts and is not followed by thunder & lightning. I love when it rains all day till late in the evening, making it rather pleasant weather and makes for lovely nights to sleep. I do get wet walking in the rain but it’s ok. Small price to pay for nice weather. It’s also the weather for quite dinners in with the family or friends.

Some of us can get in the mood to drink during rainy weather. I remember this one day at the office sometime around 2010 September when it was raining a whole lot. Just started pouring at 9 am and didn’t stop till late evening. But our Sr. Manager of Technology comes waltzing in at around 11am for his shift, parks his car and joins his colleagues at his station. First thing he says to us, and remember most of us had been at the office since 9:30 or 10am and had already had our morning coffee break, is “It’s a perfect day for some hot grilled chicken and vodka!” You should have heard the rest of us cursing him as images of succulent grilled chicken and vodka was all that we could now picture in our heads. I remember that some of us left the office at 7:30 pm and had a couple of drinks and dinner before going home for the night. All because of his comment!

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4 thoughts on “The Weather’s Effect on My Mood

  1. You should try Québec, my country is winter. Our temperature is between -40 Celsius and 40 Celsius. But whats worse is the winter where we are greatly deprived of natural light and rarely see the blue sky. It leads to seasonal depression for many. I can’t imagine how people can live in countries where there’s no sun for half the year. But its very true, the weather does impact your mood, anything that can modify your biological status will affect your mood.

  2. Hey Dave – I believe that people adjust to the climate that they are raised in. Ofcourse they still may want to move to a warmer or cooler climate. I hate the heat but I might not be able to adjust to -40 very quickly. Still I’d prefer the cold as long as I have easy access to staying warm.

  3. While people tend to adjust to where they are living, it is very true that the weather can effect your mood and how you feel.

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