The Young(??) And The Rested

When was the last time you felt truly rejuvenated and energized? What made you feel that way?

To be honest the last time I felt like that was last year towards the middle of February. 2016 almost a year ago to this day. That is a long time to ever have to feel like that. After 2 months of really long, long hours at work and barely getting much time to myself except for the weekends I got a 6 day off period from work. In this industry we rarely get holidays and since I usually fall sick and have to take 2 sick days a month (I celebrate when I don’t have to take a sick leave in a month or keep it to just one a month) and hence I usually have just a few days off in my leave count anyways.

But that time, I had quite a few days in my kitty and I wanted a few days off. I wanted 9 including two weekends so basically I just wanted a 5 day week off. But I only got 4 since my boss wanted me back in the office on the Friday. Still getting 6 days off was a good thing. I didn’t do much on those 6 days but slept and enjoyed myself. I went shopping on two days and the other 4 days I was lazy as hell. Watched a bunch of stuff on tv and a few movies and I was so rejuvenated. I wish I could get a few days off like that again.

Last December I took 2 days off just before the weekend and in total the 4 days gave me some much needed rest. But I rarely can stay away from work related and things that bother me. So my mind is always occupied. I need a big recharge. This coffee just isn’t doing it.

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