The Zombies Are Here!

One of the scariest things to think about is if a dangerous & deadly plague hit the cities & the towns, turning the infected population into mindless zombies. You’ve seen it in the movies and probably read a few books too. The slow, sinister movement of the zombie may not be quick but when they catch up with you it sure is not a pretty sight. So what can you do to defend yourself when the zombie apocalypse happens?

Arm yourself with a baseball or cricket bat or maybe a hockey stick. Shoot hockey pucks at them faster than Mario Lemieux ever could. Get a sawed off shotgun and a large quantity of exploding bullets. Some grenades would be great and so will some landmines. Electric saws, swords, knives, spears, butcher knives, tasers, bazookas, AK47s, army tanks – you name it! I won’t go down without a fight. They won’t catch me alive. I’ll blow up the entire world before they bite into me!!

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