Them Three Wishes

You have been granted three wishes. The caveat is that you cannot wish for anything for yourself. What do you wish for?

Ok, so a genie or some such mythical creature, that I have somehow invoked, is going to grant me 3 wishes and I can wish for any three wishes except that it cannot be for myself – what kind of stupid ass genie is this? Is this from the retarded Arabian Nights and not the original authentic storyline? Geeze, I get 3 wishes but cannot do anything for myself directly! So what shall I wish for? Don’t rush me!

Wish # 1 : I wish that all religions & religious beliefs to be chucked out of human¬†consciousness. Thereby every human becomes humanists and go out of their way to help one another. No more wars based on religious differences and all that crap. All humans are treated equally and woman’s rights are upheld and no such issues arise.

Wish # 2 : People get more involved in science, building a better world and bettering ourselves. The jobs for money and wealth is pushed out the window. Instead we work for a safer & more¬†environment¬†friendly world for us and for the generations ahead of us. The search for alternative fuel sources is enhanced and we ensure that we can feed, cloth, medicate & provide shelter for the entire world’s population. We also find ways to replicate food, water and other essential materials so we never have short supply of anything.

Wish # 3 : Space exploration for all. Just like Star Trek. Make Star Trek a reality. Ooh and make the entire earth’s population immortal. ¬†That indirectly means me as well but what the heck? It’s my wish!

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