Them Vs You Vs Me – Finger Eleven

Them vs You vs Me is the 5th studio album from Burlington, Ontario based alternative rock band Finger Eleven. The band decided to wait 3 years before putting out the follow up to the success of their 2003 eponymous album. In the interim the band had lengthy tours across Canada & the US and ventured into Europe & Australia and that ended only in 2005, leaving the band time for a well deserved breather and time off before thinking about new songs and a new album. The album was initially rumoured to be titled Sense of a Spark and is more in the vain of Letters from Chutney than previous Finger Eleven records.

The first time I heard the opening song & huge hit single Paralyser, I was stunned – was this Finger Eleven? It’s a disco-rock song that will make you want to dance across your room, pick up the tennis racket or mop and shake your booty. It’s been played numerous times in tv shows, ads, dance floors and who knows where else. The second single & second track on the album is Falling On, which is about facing your fears. The song has reached #1 on the MuchMusic Countdown.

We then come to a song about heart break and moving on after a love affair sours. I’ll Keep Your Memory Vague is my favourite song on the record and probably one of their best overall. It has a melodic & bittersweet guitar riff. Lost My Way is harder edged but still catchy with cleaner guitar hooks than usual. So-So Suicide is still upbeat despite the lyrics being of the more depressing kind.

Window Song is a slower, mostly acoustic song. The ‘da dum dum’ of the guitar (or is it the bass) that is played after the lines ‘I never said’ is one of the most haunting that I have ever heard. Sense Of A Spark is one of the weaker songs in the cd; however the band had initially planned on naming the album after this song. Talking To The Walls is another great song about heartbreak. This was the fourth single and video released from the album.

The bass lines & piano playing really make Change The World, which is a plea for love. Gather & Give has a catchy chorus, solid drums beats that make this an easy listening number. Lyrically it’s about being true to oneself and to the one that you love. Easy Life has this snaky guitar riff that leads the song into a much slower bridge/chorus section. Them vs You vs Me is about a tumultuous relationship and the infighting that can happen.

It’s got several good songs and a couple of really memorable ones. I’d give it a 4 out of 5. Watch the video for I’ll Keep Your Memory Vague.

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