Things Did Not Work Out & So….

I’m making the best that I can out of a bad situation before it becomes worse. As you readers would know, I took a pace for rent in Chalakudy, near the KSRCT bus stand. I took it for the following reasons : 1) the rent was reasonable for 3 rooms – small room in front, a bedroom+bathroom & kitchen 2) the advance rent/deposit was just 2 months rent and it was a lot less than what most other were asking for 3) it was just 5 kms away from the office and the a brisk 10 minute walk away, which saves me a lot of time and 4) even though the house was quite old and built in the old fashion of houses predominant in Thrissur district, the tiles in the rooms & kitchen were brand new (less than a year old), including the smooth tiles in the front porch area and in the bathroom. Seemed like a good deal right? Wrong!

Now I have decided to vacate the place by the 9th of July which will make it 1 month. The reasons that I am leaving there are 1) they do have a cockroach problem, even after I sprayed the place regularly, I keep finding dead roaches 2) and other insects keep coming in, through who knows where; every day I find dead little insects in the kitchen, my bedroom & bathroom 3) because of the construction of this old house, I don’t any sunlight into my bedroom, as I can’t open the windows & even the living room through the windows. Which also means no fresh air! The kitchen has two windows, older than fuck and opening/closing them are a challenge. If I leave them open, cats and insects will come in, so I mostly keep them closed expect for the morning time before I go to work. 4) due to the roaches & insect problem I am scared to bring food in as the packets are sure to attract them buggers 5) the bathroom needs some work before it can probably drain water out. Because of the rather small, stupid drain holes, I end up with ankle deep water & soap muck post my shower/bath, which is not good for health 6)I think my asthma is acting up because it feels stuffy and I’m spraying bug spray on top of that and finally 6) bad earthing: I’m getting shocks from my phone, which I keep for charging and the metal ends of the USB devices that I use due to the bad earthing. They need to get an electrician to completely redo the who thing in the bedroom & living room. The stuff in the kitchen works fine.

That was the last straw – I would be devastated if my laptop or hard disk got damaged and I wouldn’t be able to replace it very soon. I can’t continue using the laptop, speakers & other devices there knowing this. So I am moving back home for the time being. I will be able to stay in my sister’s house in Chalakudy if needed, especially when I switch back to night shift it will be great, and I will keep searching for another place to stay. Until then, home sweet home!

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  1. It sounds like a nightmare. Is it even legal to rent out a place with all those problems? I am sorry it didn’t work out, but you certainly can’t stay there.

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