This Is My Weekend

Another quite 2 day weekend comes to a close. I did have some plans for these two days but I didn’t follow through. Let’s see now, I started it on Friday night, heading straight to Coffee Beanz for a big cup of cold coffee with cookie chunks in it and watching the Slovenia vs USA 2-2 draw on their tv. I guess the people who run the coffeeshop should be clever and instead of showing the games on the smaller 21 inch tv, they should be showing on the huge lcd Samsung that they have. It’s about 30 inches or so but all they show on it are adds and movie trailers.

An hour or so there, I came back home and watched 90210 (kinda addicted to it). The very next evening it was the season finale of the show. Saturday morning I woke up very late and spent it at home. I downloaded Skype for the first time and installed it. I also tried out my laptop’s integrated webcam for the first time along with Skype by chatting for an hour or so with my cousin Sandhya who is in South Korea. That night I sent out for some pepperoni and cheese pizza from Dominos. Delicious and delicious! I love pepperoni.

More tv watching and watching downloaded tv series on my lappy. Today was more of the same; it was a gorgeous morning with some sunshine and a good breeze but by evening it became hot. It might rain tonight, probably thunder & lightning too. Lots of coffee drinking and relaxing. Can’t complain too  much. How was your weekend?

4 thoughts on “This Is My Weekend

  1. 90210 Roshan? Really?
    Now you’ll be telling me that you are the local chapter head of the Backstreet Boys fan club, and that you have started an online petition to get them to visit Cochin!!!

    I guess the women in 90210 are your biggest focal point?

    Anyway – please send me your Skype id – now we can have a webcam chat too!

  2. One of these days we’re gonna chat face to face…well with our laptop screens in between as well!!

  3. Well there’s so little to watch on tv. Saturdays are so dull there’s only 90210 to watch. Mon to Thurs we get Castle, season 2 just ended. Very bad programming from Star World.

    Bacteria Boys suck and I will never like them, unlike u.

    The women in 90210 are……making me horny.

    My skype id is countroshculla. I’ve also sent u an email.

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