Thoughts Of Leaving An Office

As I approach my last week as an employee in my current company, I am filled with a lot of thoughts mulling around in my mind. After 4 years, during which I was promoted once in profile and once in grade, there are bound to be many memories good & bad. I have a few close friends who I will be leaving behind when I shut down my system for the final time come Saturday evening. I remember the initial days after I joined the company (also chronicled in this blog, January 2007), the feeling I got of joining up, the induction & the training, conducting my first training batch in a temporary office (that was the hottest and stupidest place in the city), the feeling of being lost when we finally got our new office up & running, some moments of despair and some of happiness.

Amongst the most memorable moments coming back home from the office and crossing the railway track, are once when I was lost in my thoughts and just missed being hit by a train, another night when I tripped in the darkness and fell onto the railway track, glasses & phone flying in different directions. I also got to be the lead for two awesome of teams with some awesome individuals. I became wary of the dreaded con-call (or waste of phone calls) and the even more dreaded reviews. Being in this company has also shown me what a bunch of dullards people in corporate can be and how arrogant & hypocritical people can be. One or two departments ruling & bossing over the others and being so high & mighty. And how the rich keep getting richer while the entry level & those just slightly above them are kept poorer.

I will miss a lot of people from the office here in Cochin and a few in other centers. I am not naive enough to think that I will be able to keep in touch with all of them, even in this day & age of affordable phone charges, internet, email, Facebook and chat. It just doesn’t work like that anymore. Life & work gets in the way for that to happen but maybe a couple here and there will keep in touch and call or chat once or twice a week/month. I’m willing to settle for that.

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