Three Guys Walk Into A Bar

Three people walk into a bar . . .

and order their drinks from the bartender. The first one sees that the bartender is kinda absentminded and so after a while, he gets up and is about to leave without paying when the bartender stops him. The guy says that he already paid him for the drink, and the confused bartender says ok and the first guy leaves.

About 20 minutes later the second guy, who noticed this, also gets up to leave and the bartender stops him and asks him about the payment for the drink he just had. The second guy also says that he just paid it to the bartender to which the confused but suspicious bartender says ok and the second guys leaves.

The 3rd guy has been drinking all this time but watching things closely. As he is about to finish and puts on his jacket, the bartender comes up to him and says “You know those two guys who were sitting next to you, I think they might have tricked me. I think they didn’t pay…” At this point the 3rd guy yells, “Hey, I am not interested in any story my friend. Just give me the change from the money I just paid for the drinks!”

And the bartender gives him some money and the 3rd guy leaves!

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