Three Small Steps That Could Change The World

Three small steps that could change the world

If everyone could be a lot more calmer about their religious beliefs. I don’t want to force people to stop worshiping these so called gods, but I honestly believe that humans will be better off when we leave these ridiculous beliefs behind us. Small steps one at a time will be needed but the first out is for all of them to just chill out. Once that is done introduce critical thinking and eventually – not in my lifetime but a couple of centuries down the line – people not worrying about religious differences, not forcing anyone to follow their beliefs and treating everyone with equal respect and love. Dumping out all these gods and religions all together would be great.

How about replicator technology and making it easy for everyone to get whatever they need? The need to work for money to buy the things that you need -food, liquids, a proper roof over your head, some luxuries, medical care, technology that makes your life easier, information available for all! If you cancel out the need for money and working towards that, things will be a lot more relaxed. You can pursue industries and subjects that you have a passion for and even change as you wish. It gives you a chance to leave a rat race behind you. Also if humanity as a whole worked towards getting that goal – making life livable, technologically advance and easy for everyone so we don’t have people dying of war, poverty, thirst or hunger and not being able to receive medical care.

What else is there? People ensuring that technology goes hand in hand with nature and not causing harm to the latter and thereby ourselves. You know? Super advanced buildings and homes with lots of greenery surrounding them. Creating ways to not damage the plants and woods around you but having the cool, Star Trek style homes, vehicles and gadgets surrounded by lush green spaces, so your walk with the wife, kids and family dog is soothing and calming and the birds, chipmunks, squirrels and butterflies are able to frolic around. It will make you appreciate your life a lot more. I’d love to see that happen rather than just concrete jungles.

Prompt from February Journal Prompts + printable at Life Of Lovely

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