Three things I’d Want In A Relationship

Three things you want in a relationship

  • Companionship – when I say companionship, I mean you want to do things together. And not just sex. But actually just lying together in bed and talking. Or even lying together in bed not talking but just being comfortable lying naked in each other’s arms. Wanting to do stuff together like going for a walk, driving on a road trip, watching a movie, going out shopping with each other, cooking meals together, sitting out on the deck on a nice night sky and sipping wine or beer or whatever and staring at the stars.
  • Love – who doesn’t want to be loved. I want true love when you really can’t be for long without the person you love. You go ahead and do your own things but you miss the lover and you can’t wait to be with her and share your experiences of the day with her. I want that kind of love. I want love that lasts for a lifetime. A life partner, a soulmate and a love of a lifetime. Yes, I am hitting the cliches but they are all true and from the heart.
  • Loyalty – I can be really loyal and loyal to a fault. I won’t like anyone saying anything bad about you and I will defend you till the day that I die. I want that kind of loyalty. I want the kind of loyalty that bests everything else. And I want to be deserving of such loyalty.

Prompt from 119 Journal Prompts for Your Journal Jar

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