Tie Me Down

Today was an important day for the company I work for; we are one of 33 branch offices across the country and about 5 abroad. Our office is almost a year old and for the first time our CEO came to visit the center. So it was more than your average business as usual and the leadership team onwards till the center head were dressed up in a tie for the men and sarees for the women.

Everyone who knows me well, knows that I hate formal wear and I especially hate ties. Its ok if someone else is wearing it but I can’t stand to have that makeshift noose around my neck. Trussed up like a turkey, looking like a monkey boy or a corporate monkey atleast. That is not me. I like to be comfortable and I am comfortable in casuals. I work better and I feel more confident in jeans. I hate the superficialness of wearing a tie and I was happy when I could take the damn thing off.

2 thoughts on “Tie Me Down

  1. I have a tie just for such an occasion.

    It has a picture of a hangman’s noose on it.

    When people ask what it means, I tell them “Ties make me want to hang myself”. :D

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