Time Spent Online Running Your Blog

Well the prompt asked how much time I spend online for running my blog. Well, there is no straight, easy answer for this and most bloggers. As I have a full time job and this is just a side thing (I do not make much money out of this blog anymore but did for a while) I do not spend that much time to plan out things and usually just post whatever I am interested in or something that I like or whatever is in the news that I feel like I should write about (like the death of a celebrity).

Almost on a daily basis, I also do check out the various blog prompts available by just giving a google search for prompts for the month and check them out. A lot of them are just keywords or whatever America deems the day to be (National butt plug day or whatever) and not real prompts. A lot of them are run by women and hence they have either women-centric or makeup / clothing stuff which I do not get into, ofcourse, being a guy. But there are some blogs that do have really worthwhile blog prompts and I use them and also leave a link towards their prompt page & blog url. It’s the least I can do.

So usually I just spend about 90 minutes or close to 2 hours a day looking at what topics I want to write about and maybe an image or 2 to go along with it. Sometimes it is the image that takes the most time as at times I can get rather picky on which image I want to have on the blog post. Some take like 5 minutes to select like in this post and others like this post a few days ago can take ages for me to decide. If I made a lot more money from this blog and it was my main source of income then I would probably spend a lot more time, like 5 to 6 hours a day on it.

Prompt from 127+ BEST BLOG POST IDEAS FOR EVERY LIFESTYLE BLOGGER IN 2022 at She Means Blogging

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