Top 10 Gift ideas For Bloggers

1. Blogging Tools

It’s common for bloggers to manage more than one website. This means they always need access to domain, hosting, WordPress themes, site builders, online marketing tools, and other related services. So, buy some blogging tools from this list for your blogger friend and make his/her day.

2. Photo Editing Software Subscription

Subscription to photo editing software like the Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom and Photoshop (Photography pack) makes it easier to edit photos and graphics for blog posts.

3. Stock Photo Subscription

Bloggers are not free to use images they find online, especially if they were not granted permission by the owner. To avoid legal troubles, they should use stock photos instead. Be a great pal and give your friend access to stock photography sites like Shutterstock as a gift. To do their jobs properly and efficiently, bloggers need access to the best tech out there today. But what kind of tech do they need? Here are a few suggestions.

4. Laptop Stands

A good laptop stand can not only improve ergonomics, but it also prevents a laptop from overheating. It’s a necessity for bloggers, especially those who spend several hours writing long-form content.

5. Camera

Whether it’s a point-and-shoot, a DSLR, or a Mirrorless model, a good camera will make it possible to add compelling photos to a blog post. They’re ideal for documenting trips, taking photos of food, and sharing everyday experiences.

6. Microphone

While not an obvious choice as a gift for bloggers, there are bloggers who eventually shift to vlogging or podcasting. And to do that, they’ll need a solid, professional-grade microphone.

7. Earphones

Whether it’s for listening to music or conducting research, bloggers need earphones, headphones, or earbuds to keep outside noise away. If sound quality is important as with the case for music bloggers then consider gifting wired headphones. Otherwise, wireless headphones are much more convenient.

8. Lights

There are bloggers today who do their own photoshoots. And not just of models either. Product reviewers, for example, take photos of items all the time. For those people, you can give lightboxes to help with their photoshoots. Even better, you can give them a portable photo studio like this one from Amazon.

9. Keyboard and Mouse

A keyboard and mouse combo is probably one of the simplest gifts you could give your blogger friend. Wireless keyboards and mouse makes working offsite a more pleasant experience. And if you gift a high-quality mechanical keyboard, the typing experience is vastly improved.

1. Storage Device

While online storage solutions do exist, many bloggers still rely on physical devices for storing photos and other important files. You can never have too many file storage options. External storage devices are always welcome.

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