Torrential Rainfall in Cochin City

Rain, rain & more rain. It started 2 days ago, with the day being very cloudy and warm and by night it just started pouring like crazy. It had rained day before yesterday night too but that was nothing compared to last night. There was thunder & lightning for a few hours yesterday morning & night well. After I reached home yesterday, it started to pour and must have gone all night. The morning was ok but I new it was gonna pour. By 12:15 pm I was in Cafe Coffee Day with a novel and having a brownie along with my choco frapper when I looked to my side and saw the sky was so dark with clouds pregnant with rain.

The floodgates opened and it started to shower quite a lot. I sat in the coffeeshop for a long time sipping my coffee and reading and wanting to avoid going out. When it slowed down to a steady trickle, I got into an auto and went to the barber shop. Man the roads were filled with ankle high water. I had to walk in that water to get to the shop from the main road – just a few hundred meters since the auto wouldn’t go on that lane – and my shoes filled up with water and my socks….well, let’s just leave it at that.

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I had a hair cut and then waded through the rain water and walked to the bar to get some food and a few drinks. I had vodka (Sharktooth since they didn’t have any MGM) and sprite and an American chopsuey. The food was delicious, more tastier than usual, with more veggies as well. I love boiled carrots!

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