Travel Lessons Learned the Hard Way

I do not like traveling at all. By that I mean long distance of over a few hours or overnight or a few days. I like seeing new places but I hate the actual travel part. I do not enjoying going in trains and prefer buses but they are not practical if you are traveling for more than an overnight journey. I just hate the smell of trains. And I hate the food & the beverages that they serve in Indian trains. I always dread going to the bathroom when I am traveling; it’s ok in a decent hotel room/service apartment but in smaller places or trains, yuck!

I also hate it when there are noisy families with screaming & crying kids as fellow passengers in buses or trains. Oh they can be a huge headache. I remember this one long bus ride; it was packed, I had to stand in the crowded bus, it was raining heavily so all the shutters were down, suffocating and these two kids were singing & shouting so loudly for an hour after which the proceeded to start crying for another 2 hours. I almost threw the parents and the kids outta the bus!

As for packing, I find that I always miss out on something and which I find out only when I reach my destination and unpack. I forget soap or toothpaste or a lungi or a towel or something. Once I forgot to pack socks! And I was there for 6 days so I ran out to buy some cheapo socks at the first chance I got. And sometimes it’s the other way round; I forget to collect all my stuff when I leave the place. I don’t care if it’s soap or toothpaste but anything else and it’s a real problem. I left my phone charger once in a hotel room but luckily someone got it back for me the very next day.

Pack enough and more stuff, keep water with you, keep snacks with you. Recheck your packing, perhaps even keep a check list (and in a total dork moment say a loud “check” each time you check things off your list). Be prepared for falling ill, getting a tummy upset and vomiting. Keep spare cash with you in a couple of different places just in case.

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