TwitterFox Is Now Known As Echofon

Last April, after getting the world in a post on TorontoMike’s blog, I downloaded and installed Twitterfox – a Firefox app that allows you to view and send Tweets without opening the Twitter homepage.

Well, it seems that Naan Studio, the creaters of the app have changed the name of TwitterFox & TwitterFon (the iphone version) to Echofon in September. It seems that it’s nothing more than a decision to unify their different application under one name for easy identification, as the company and their apps grow. At first I thought that Twitter, which has seen such rapid growth, may have had something to do with this sudden name change.

I noticed the change very late as initially there was no change in appearance. When I noticed the name change when a tweet is sent (for eg. less than a minute ago from Echofon) I got a bit confused but someone updated me on the name change.

Anyway, today I installed the latest version of Echofon and it’s looks much cooler and more sleek. I suggest you download it, if you are using Firefox that is. And if now, first download and install Firefox and then install Echofon.

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