Unboxing My New BlackBerry Q10 (White)

I finally have my new phone in hand. I ordered the phone via eBay on the 27th of February and was informed that the expected delivery date was the 3rd of March.


However this morning when I checked the status in BlueDart (courier service) I saw that the device has reached the Cochin office by 11 am today. As their office is just a couple of kms away I knew that I could get it by this afternoon. I waited and by 12 pm I called their office and was informed that I would get it in a couple of hours as they have already dispatched it to be delivered. By 1:30 pm I got the device at my apartment.


I did a quick unboxing and only then realized that this phone uses a microSIM and that I would need to get a new SIM at the Vodafone office that was nearest to my residence. And so after the unboxing I made my way there and got a new replacement microSIM for my phone.


And now it’s a matter of getting internet activated (I’m changing data plans), downloading my apps (I don’t use too many and some of them come preinstalled anyways) and getting used to the touch screen portion of the phone. Worst this is that I haven’t backed up my numbers from my old phone to the new SIM and therefore will have to do them manually which is going to take a long time.

Meanwhile, here is the unboxing video. She is to be named “Isabelle”!

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