Unsolicited Advice AKA Air Pollution

It makes me crazy when people wear their shoes in my house. What habit/act drives you crazy? How do you prevent it from happening?

The crazy habit or act which drives me crazy, well one of them atleast, is unsolicited advice giving by certain people. Once or twice it is fine and I guess everybody does give out advice at random even if they don’t really have any credibility in doing so. But when they give out the same bullshit unsolicited advice over & over again despite you trying to politely change the subject and give them hints that you are not interested in listening any further on the subject they still persist, that is begging for a rebuke!

I also notice that most people who regularly give out unsolicited advice are not only not perfect but they have plenty of problems & issues themselves. However it is this sense of superiority and sense of looking at you as someone who is so lost and in need of guidance that makes them pollute the air so much. And I’m not saying that some of those people or even the advice is not well intentioned but when they fill your ears with bullshit advice that starts to grind my gears after a while.

So stop dolling out the advice my friends or be prepared to get a earful in return. Which they can’t take much of in return! No thanks Mr. Perfect!

Prompt from the Daily Post at WordPress.com.

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