This past week has been particularly hard on me. It’s been long, tough, mentally taxing and tiresome and the week has dragged by agonizingly slow.  Lots of pressure, tension and issues at the office and the idiots who revel in the misery of others are making things terrible for me. Now being the fact that they are clients and are taking full advantage of it, there’s only so much that I or anyone else can do. This leads to a lot of issues and sorting out of things on a daily basis and sometimes even more than once or twice in a day.

So after all that crap I needed some fun and drinks. So I joined a middle aged colleague of mine and a former colleague, for an evening of drinks and friendly chat. I’ve had drinks with the two of them during company parties but never just the three of us. So by 6 pm we left to join the former colleague in Palarivattom. Alapatt Regency was our venue and the 6th floor bar was a good choice – good food and the drinks kept on coming. I stayed with my usual vodka and 7up and they had brandy. We had beef, chicken & fish and chatted and joked for a long time. It was almost 10pm when I left from there. I took an auto home and reach here by about 10:20pm.

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