Update On The “Holidays”

Hey people, what’s happening? How have your holidays been? Mine has been like this so far – due to some issues I had some problem with cash till the 18th of December after which things have been back to normal. We worked on the last Sunday – 7 days in a row, Monday to Saturday day shifts and on Sunday I did a 7pm to 3:30 am shift just so we could join the night shift for their Christmas celebrations. Then worked on Monday for just 4 hours and spent Christmas eve and Christmas all alone at home. Had some good food – grilled chicken with porota for Christmas eve and a pizza, picture a few posts below for the 25th.

During the Christmas celebrations for the night shift at our office, I was asked to speak about Christmas in front of the whole lot. Boy do I have things to say! But all I said was “every festival & holiday is based on stories. Just like for the harvest & monsoon seasons, the winter solstice has been celebrated for 1000s of years – even before Christmas was created.” But let’s not forget what this time like every other festival or holiday season is all supposed to be about – family & friends. Spend time with your family and your friends, appreciate them, do things as a family and enjoy your time. That’s the only thing that matters. Thank you!”

Oh I got two gifts from my two Secret Santas. I had one from the morning shift and one from the night shift and similarly I bought two gifts for my two Secret Santas. I got a Gatsby deodrant and the wall hanging painting done on some different canvas. I like both a lot.

So now that the Pagan holiday stolen by Christians, more specifically the Romans, is done, it’s now for my favourite days of the year. New Year’s eve and New Year’s Day!  Just like last week, I am working on this Sunday and I am a little pissed off about that. Working just so I can get a holiday on the 1st of January. But for me, working on the 1st is a no-no and I do not want to work on this day, a pact I have with myself for the past 8 years. I choose the 1st of every new year to spend by myself and do an analysis of the past year, what I did right and what I did wrong and what I want to change for the new year ahead of me. So it’s important for me to take the day for myself. This is the case for everyone at the office so, most are working tomorrow a Sunday in order to get Tuesday off.

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