Using WiFi On The BlackBerry 8320

One of the main features of the BlackBerry 8320 is the Wifi option. I don’t have WiFi at home but from the moment I got the 8320 I wanted to try it out in a place that offers free WiFi – like Barista Cafe in Bay Pride Mall.

A little after I order my coffee and sat down, I wipped out my 8320 and tried setting up a WiFi connection. I switched it on and did a search for the offered WiFi network – from Barista. At my corner table I was able to setup and start using their network in less than 2 minutes! Which is quite impressive to say the least. The router name, TechnoFIRST-Baypride Free Wi-Fi then appeared on my phone screen.

Hot dog! I then tried out the browser and checked a few websites to see if it was much faster than the speeds shown on while I was using the Edge network provided by Vodafone. To tell you the truth there wasn’t that much difference that I could notice, except that Cisco’s website seemed to download pretty quickly. CNN, Google and a couple of other sites that I could compare were downloaded at almost the same speeds.

But I must say that this new experience was made all the more impressive by the range. I went out of the cafe and walked along the hall, then to the front of the mall, down the steps and onto the car parking area and across the road – all the way upto halfway across Shanmugam road. Those of you who know Cochin well, will be able to relate. That impressed me quite a bit.

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