Vending Machines

Where I live there are very few vendingĀ  machines. Infact I can’t remember having seen one other than coffee, tea & some soft drinks (that last one was in Bangalore). Coffee machines are a plenty in some commercial buildings and offices. But other than those it’s almost non-existent in my neck of the woods and in India in general. I know that it’s probably there in cities like Bombay, Chennai, Delhi i.e the metros but not in the rest of the country. Therefore my personal usage is very, very limited.

But in whatever I see on tv/movies I like the idea a lot. From newspapers, soups, chocolate bars, sandwiches, soft drinks etc – the vending machines serve a very good purpose. I’d like having these at hospitals, movie theatres, train stations and the airport. For people in a hurry, in transit or waiting in one place for a long time, they are a heaven sent. How about in shopping malls and other public places? I’d like even stuffed toys, furry animals to also be in vending machines. How about bottled water and baby food, milk and other stuff for parents with kids? That would be awesome wouldn’t it?

It’s so funny how something as trivial as a vending machine that the West takes for granted would be a big boon for us over here in a developing nation. It would be seen as a luxury over here at the moment but it would make things very easy and convenient for a lot of us in these times.

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