Watching A Golden, Rainy Evening & Cribs

While leaving the apartment this morning, I spied a golden retriever which lay sleeping in one of my neighbours house. The gate was wide open and I could watch their dog, tied to leash that was fastened to the kennel door, fast asleep towards the left of their entrance. I watched it for a while, feeling a bit of nostalgia and jealousy – remembering my faithful dog of 11 years download the wicker man dvd . Shawny was a golden too!

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Last evening’s rain left the day feeling quite cool & pleasant. I love the day after a rain as long as there aren’t too water puddles in the way. Today was no different; it rained in the evening and the evening was quite cool. I kind of enjoyed my walk from the bus stop to my apartment. I stopped on the way to have a quick dinner of noodles.

watch the pervert s guide to cinema online I’m a little tired though not too sleepy. Just trying to listen to some music and watching video clips on Youtube of NHL player’s cribs. Man some of these guys have such wonderful looking houses!

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