Weekend Whizzes By In The Blink Of An Eye

I have no idea where this weekend went. It feels like it’s my first day off of the week and then ***zoom*** it’s back to a working day again. I have to state that I was working Tuesday to Saturday last week and will do the same this week. Which means that I had Sunday and Monday off instead of the usual Saturday & Sunday off. I had no clue that it would go by so quickly.

All I did was watch a couple of movies – Spider-man : Homecoming, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Pinocchio & Click. Some much needed comedic relief from the work week and stuff that I have been watching recently. But that’s all of significance that I can state. I bought some burgers with fries and chicken wings from Westley’s Cafe on Sunday night for me and mom and porotta & fried chicken for my dad. My burger was a club burger – beef patty, chicken ham & a fried egg. It was good but the wings were mostly bland and the sticky bbq sauce was way too sweet. Fries were ok!

I had some rum & Coke and then watched a bunch of music videos before going to bed and watching Pinocchio on late Sunday night. Yesterday went by in a blur. I got a package delivered with the wrong item from an Amazon seller. I bought some snacks & groceries delivered. And then – that’s it! It is now Tuesday afternoon post lunch. I guess I will watch some Star Trek and get ready for the evening training sessions I have to conduct.

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