Weird Hotel Names

Ever noticed the weird names that hotel owners give in ur city? I have been noticing it on my ride to work or anywhere for that matter. Here are some of the ones that stand out in Kochi & elsewhere in Kerala –

  • Hotel Runs : Would you want to eat at a restaurant that calls itself “RUNS” (meaning loose motion)? I mean what a great way to advertise their wares. This beauty of a name is located somewhere just outside of Calicut.
  • Tasty Restaurant : A tasty restaurant, you eat the restaurant and it tastes great! Oh by the way I went to this one and it stinks.
  • Hotel Teashop : Yup, for several months this gem of a name shitty little shack exsisted under that name about 2 kms from my house, until someone mentioned it to the owner and he hastly added an “&” in the middle.
  • Hotel Nivea : like the cream for men, located in Kollam
  • Hotel Civea : A rival faction started opposite Hotel Nivea just to piss them off…must have started by disgruntled former employees
  • Hotel California : The pick of them all, no doubt started by a wiseguy fan of the Eagles. This eatery died an untimely death when the owner sold it and the new owners, obviously, were not big fans of Don Henley’s singing. They changed the name, redocorated the place but I just can’t remember the new name. This place was near my cousins’ residence in Calicut.
  • Eat n’ Park : this one baffles me. It should have been park & eat. Yet the owners insist that we eat first and park our vehicles later.

Song for the day – “Best I Can” – QUEENSRYCHE

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