Weird Little Afternoon Dream

I had this weird but vivid dream this afternoon. Yes, in the afternoon! I was watching a movie and was falling asleep as I have been ill since late Wednesday night and so took an almost 2 hour nap. Plus it is hot as well. So in this dream, I was traveling in a van driven by my cousin and I was in the passenger seat. There were two other cousins in the back seat. I was sleepy and loopy and almost falling unconscious. We were headed to a wedding in town.

As we neared the wedding hall, I realized that I was shirtless and my dhoti was untied and almost falling out of my seat. I tried in van to tie it back my hands just couldn’t get the co-ordination needed for it. We reached the hall and there were so many people there outside. Yet as the door opened, magically a white shirt appeared on my back and I managed to do the buttons on. I also magically had black pants on under my dhoti and I grabbed the ends of the dhoti to cover it from falling down. I staggered my way to a seat and sat there for a while, holding my head in my hands. My cousins called me as they were eating lunch and I sat with them but couldn’t even manage to look at the food.

I went on inside the hall and found a bathroom. I found a stall and closed the door as I felt like pooping and puking at the same time and my head was woozy. I lowered my pants and my underwear to do my business but still managed to get dirty as I puked at the same time. I  managed to wash it off and now had to wear the wet pants under my dhoti and walk around. I went to a kitchen and met two of my aunts who wanted to give me lemonade to make me feel me better but I walked away still feeling the effects and wanting to get home and to sleep. I managed to get to a car and my grandmother’s sister – who in real life has never driven ever – drove me half way to my home!

She stopped on the way to get me some medicine but it did not clear my wooziness and I was barely able to walk straights. Soon the rest of my family caught up with us and I walked back into the van and they took me to a hospital. Turns out I had a tumor in my brain and that was what was causing my wooziness and lack of coordination. The doctors started talking about what we could do when I woke up from my sleep! Weird, huh?

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