Wenger : Good Riddance

So we are hearing a lot of reports that Arsene Wenger was asked to resign aka sacked by the Arsenal board. Realistically, there were three scenarios for Wenger. Stay until the end of the season, perhaps win the Europa League along the way and then announce his departure, one of those “mutual consent” deals that clubs use to mask sackings. Another was hanging in there by his fingernails and getting the metaphorical bullet come the end of May. The third is the path he chose after it became clear to him that nothing, not even a European trophy and a return to the Champions League, was going to change Arsenal’s collective mind to get rid of him.

It had gone on too far – he has been so arrogant and he talks utter nonsense in interviews. Really, who did he think he was fooling? Perhaps himself and a load of AKB’s who don’t know anything but Wenger. The asshole had to go. He blamed the fans, he blamed the media, he blamed everyone – everyone but who he should have actually have blamed! Himself! The guy was a joke towards the end. A dinosaur beyond his prime. He was stubborn and pigheaded and so full of himself. Yes he has good things being said about him from players who have fond memories but I could not wait to see the last of him.

So goodbye you moron. Good riddance! We come to the end of the Wenger out protests and the empty seats that fans have become accustomed to seeing this year.

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