What A Day!

What a day! First I leave the apartment with a half attempt at breakfast as I was getting late and breakfast was not ready by then. I wolfed a couple of spoons of the stuff and then rush out through the door and left for work. I was supposed to be attending an HOD meeting with our new center head (the first with him) at 10 am.

On the way I noticed that there were vehicles piled up in four lines on a single lane and that we were barely moving. It took us about 10 minutes to travel half a kilometer. Turned out that there was a major accident on the road, just after Edapally Toll; a bus and a truck had collided and there was 1 dead and a few injured. Two ambulances made their way towards the scene and the cops decided to re-route all traffic heading to Kalamassery & Aluva via Thrikkakara by turning them right at the Edapally Toll junction. It was through this, my old stomping grounds, that my auto driver took us and I was nostalgic as I looked at the familiar sights & buildings on the path.

So I was delayed by 20 minutes in reaching the office,  but the HOD meeting was postponed to 1:30 pm. Oh ho, problem! I also have a regular scheduled conference call/review at 2pm with the training departments of our process. Basically it’s my counterparts from the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, West Bengal, Kolkatta & Andhra Pradesh and the MIS analytic person on a call with the Senior Manager of training for our process on the call. Worried about the clash in timings I checked and was told that I could attend the HOD meet at 1:30 pm, present my departments points and take down stuff in 30 minutes and then join the con call at 2pm. Ok, so it was talk, talk, and rush to get back to my system for the call at 2pm.

I was the only one on the call other than the Sr.Manager! 2 AMs are out sick, 1 AM and the MIS lady are attending a GB training, 2 others on leave and one guy was having lunch. You can guess that the Sr.Manager was not at all happy and I got it from him on behalf of the team (thanks guys :) ). He was upset and told me that everyone’s work on a recent report was shoddy and lacked initiative and that he did not like this lax behaviour for a con call. To tell you the truth I was upset too but I was also laughing inside. So I sent everyone else a message  telling them about it. I then rejoined the HOD meeting.

By now I was getting hungry and the prospect of lunch was also discussed but since most of them had already eaten we just got coffee and some chips. Famished I munched on some chips and sipped my coffee and waited for the meeting to get over, which it did only by 5pm. I then took my team upstairs to the cafeteria so I could get some food as I also gave them the download on a few things that needed to get done. Unfortunately there wasn’t much available in the cafeteria at that time so I opted for 2 vellappams and some channa. Post a quick meeting with my team and the welcome food I went down to sort somethings out.

A little after 7pm I joined 2 other colleagues in a 3rd’s car and left the office as I could get down at Palarivattom. As I got down I heard a snap and saw that my right shoe had come apart! Aargh! So I went to a nearby ATM, got some money out and bought a new pair of shoes. Atleast it’s a really nice looking pair! Tired, I made my way home and here I am, telling you guys about it.

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