What A Dream Wedding Would Look Like For Me

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I really don’t have dreams of a big wedding. I loathe huge, expensive and gaudy events with too many people and pomp and show. People who you barely know coming and talking to you on what’s supposed to be a very special personal day. I don’t mind having a nice little crowd of people we know and have a special connection with, close family and friends but other than that I don’t like big crowds.

I’d like it to be a simple event with just the main people I want to be there. All our well wishers and loved ones in one small hall. I don’t really like traditional Indians weddings – a mix of the Indian and Western style would be what I would like to have. The woman and I would thank everyone for coming and say our vows in front of them. Once the registration and ceremony is over, I do hope she will cry in happiness and I will smile and wave to everyone. Starting off married life as couple in a positive way.

After that ofcourse we ensure that our guests and families are seated at the lunch that is being served ad then we will take our seats. Once lunch was over it would be time for photos and then we’d get in to a car and be whisked off to our honeymoon. Simple!

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