What Are the Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar?

Most studies that support ACV for health effects have been small, and the results haven’t been decisive. We need more and bigger investigations into its benefits. So far, here’s what research has found:

It may help with weight loss.¬†One study showed that taking apple cider vinegar twice a day helped people following a reduced-calorie diet lose a few extra pounds. But the study was small and short-term, following 39 people for 12 weeks. Some researchers thought the vinegar’s acetic acid might speed up¬†metabolism, but the data didn’t bear this out. It may be that people lost more weight because of the placebo effect. Or perhaps the acetic acid made them nauseated, which caused them to eat less.

It may lower¬†blood sugar.¬†Several smaller studies have reported that taking a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar could lower your blood sugar after meals. The effect was moderate, and we need more research to know exactly how it works. Keep in mind that vinegar can’t replace diabetes medications and a¬†healthy lifestyle, but it should be safe to add to your treatment plan.

It may lower cholesterol.¬†The same small study that reported ACV boosted weight loss also found that it lowered the total cholesterol levels of study subjects who took it. It also increased their “good” cholesterol and lowered levels of¬†triglycerides¬†(fats in the¬†blood). Other studies have had similar findings. Experts caution that we need more research to fully understand this link.

Lower blood pressure. One study in rats suggests that ACV could help with high blood pressure, but no studies donein humans back this up. High blood pressure can be a serious condition, so medical treatment and a healthy lifestyle are essential.

Ease acid reflux.¬†Many people swear by ACV as a remedy for heartburn and acid reflux. But there’s no research to prove it’s effectiveness. Ask your doctor if you could try itto ease your discomfort. Start with small amounts, diluted in water.

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