What Are Your Blog Goals for the Year

Well my goal for this year is he same as I had for last year. I want to make money from this blog and from ad placements and link placements. From November 2018 till mid 2021 I was making quite a bit of money from ad placements / link placements on my blogs in the form of content writing. Atleast Rs.20000 on a lean month an upto Rs.50,000 on a great month.

Since mid 2021 it has been only a scattered few cases that I get some of that work to do for money. You have to understand that this is extra from what I get from my full time job I used most of the money I got from this blogging to get luxuries and some electronic devices. I am not able to do that now. I could use a new tv and a new computer. And later on I will need a new phone and I wish I had the luxury of doing that with my salary but I can’t and I will need extra money for that.

So my goal this year to is to get back to making that extra money. If not as much as I was getting during the end of 2018 to mid 2021 then atleast around half of that.

Prompt from 30 Blog Post Ideas & Calendars | January at ElaineHowlinStudio

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