What I’d Do With a Million Dollars

If I had A $1,000,000….I’d be rich! I’m not sure if I’d do all the things that the Barenaked Ladies say that they would do in that much beloved song, but I’d love to get a million.

First thing I’d do is buy a big house or a really big apartment. With plenty of rooms. And a big car, large flat screen tv and better cable. With a pool table and a pool. A couple of big laptops and a desktop. I’d buy some cool electric guitar and hire an instructor to teach me how to play. I’ve always wanted to learn how to speak French, so maybe a hot French or French-Canadian female model to teach me the language. I’m always a cunning linguist!

Some new clothes, new shoes, some decorative pieces and stuff. I dunno, that’s probably what I’d buy. What would you guys buy for a million dollars?

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