What Makes Me Roll My Eyes

People talking about god saved their lives or how they were touched by some specific god this and that. In a desperate bid to feel part of something that is more grandiose than their miserable lives, they choose to bore your head off with stories of this or that experience when they were particularly feeling down & dejected and god chose that opportune moment to “reveal” himself/herself to them.

Ofcourse in mind I always a god “revealing” himself to that individual, like actually flashing himself to the person.

Also how a particular temple or church or some other place of worship was “so peaceful” and that they “felt one with god”. Now this stuff is still continued after I’ve told them that I’m an atheist and have no interest in listening to stuff about fairies and monsters! But they still persist and insist on numbing my brain with drivel. Then I have only one option – to either move away or stand there, take out my ear phones and play some music to drone out the mumbling idiot.

Take a hint!

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2 thoughts on “What Makes Me Roll My Eyes

  1. Iv been reading about the killing of women who are apparently witches in India. Tradition, religion or bullshit? I know what i would vote for. I hate that ignorance is so wide spread these days. I never used to have a problem with religion, and u know im not that religious myself. But so many atrocities are wrongly carried out in the name of religion, its just not right. I guess I have some soul searching of my own to do!!

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