What Scares You The Most? Why?

What Scares You The Most? Why?

I think I have written about it previously but my biggest fear or one of my biggest fear is losing all my money and not having a job or any other source of income. Not being able to take care of my parents and myself is the biggest fear. Having to take a loan or depend on relatives to get by, even if it is only for a few weeks or months, is not something that I can ever think of.

Another biggest fear is being alone, especially as I grow older and my parents are also getting older, and one day falling so ill or breaking a bone that I can’t get up from my bed or the floor and no one knows what has happened to me until it is too late. I am not afraid of death but I am afraid of dying and the pain and feeling of despair of a prolonged period of pain and suffering.

And yeah, I am afraid of growing old and being all alone. I am single and it’s just me and my parents here. Once they are both gone then it’s just me on my own. I will grow old and be all alone. If that is so, I hope I don’t want to live for too long.

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